Rental Procedures

Rental procedures are slightly different for the campus and non-campus environments. Our procedures are listed below on this page.

Searching our Site for a House or Apartment

Use this website to generate a customized listing based on location and number of bedrooms to begin the process of narrowing your search. It really helps if you come to the site knowing what you're hoping to find. The site will allow you to search based on additional options such as price range, number of bathrooms and of course location.

After you have generated a custom listing review each entry and see if any houses can be eliminated from consideration based on some other criteria you have. For example, some may not have parking and these can be eliminated if you absolutely require parking. Others may feature things you like but may be beyond your budget. Come up with a short list of those properties you would seriously consider renting and would like to see. If you schedule an appointment with us you'll discover that our appointments are limited to a half an hour. This usually limits us to showing you two or three units. Everyone's time is more productive if you try hard to limit the units you want to see to two or three "best candidates".

Viewing a Campus Management, Inc. House or apartment

We strongly encourage every prospective tenant to view a unit before proceeding with a rental. Many people prefer to view apartments and houses by going out on their own. However, Campus Management, Inc. can assist you with this process. We employ a full time rental agent who is available to meet with you and insure that you get through each unit and answer all of your questions. In any event, respect for the current resident's right to notification and privacy is paramount to us. If you chose to go on your own and are unable to gain entry please contact us so that we can assist you in this process. If, from the outset, you prefer to have an appointment please call us and we'll arrange to notify the current resident and meet you at a time of your choosing.