Campus Housing Environment

The Campus Housing Environment - We believe that, if you spend the time to read and understand this page, you will be among the most informed house/apartment shoppers on campus this year. Additionally, you'll know what to expect when working with our rental agent to find the housing that best suits your needs! So read on and call us with any questions you have!

Anyone reading this page probably realizes that the University of Michigan / Ann Arbor rental market is very competitive and fast paced. People who will be new to the campus community should know that the peak rental season begins in mid October and runs strong until students leave for spring break at the end of February. The house and apartment shopping that goes on during this period is for leases that will start the first day of September of the next academic year. So leases are commonly signed 8-10 months prior to move-in. Recently accepted students who view this page in late Spring or Summer should be aware that by the beginning of Summer many local management companies will be 90 to 100% leased for the fall. People who find themselves shopping for housing in the summer should be prepared to hustle to get the best of the last available rentals. We have about 200 student oriented houses and apartments within 10 blocks of campus. They range from efficiency apartments to six bedroom houses.

The finer points of a rental appointment with our rental agent

It is very important that you be on time to the appointment. You should see our rental agent within five minutes of your appointment time. Our appointments are scheduled on 15 or 30 minute intervals so we occasionally run a few minutes late.

We generally have a lot of ground to cover during a brief appointment so be prepared to keep a quick pace and ask questions while the tour progresses.

If you arrive late we may be forced to delete some of the rental units you hoped to see from the tour.

You may, of course schedule another showing if for some reason we can't show you something at our first scheduled appointment.

If, for a 30 minute appointment, the rental agent waits 15 minutes beyond our scheduled appointment and no prospective tenant has arrived for the appointment our rental agent will leave the agreed meeting place in order to be on time to the next scheduled appointment (for a 15 minute appointment we will wait 5 minutes).

If you cannot keep your scheduled appointment we would truly appreciate a phone call; it may prevent our rental agent from making an unnecessary trip across town.

Make sure that as many people as is possible attend the showing. With rentals going fast you have an advantage if the group can reach consensus while you're at the rental property.

Know your budget! It makes no sense for you to look at housing your group can't afford and wouldn't truly consider renting.

If you see something you like be prepared to act quickly. We have seen days when six or seven houses rent on the same day! Don't let something you really like get away because your group wasn't ready to act. With this in mind, talk to all concerned parties about your plans before you begin shopping so that they're on board for what you plan to do. Understand the budgets and concerns of roommates. Their objectives may not be exactly the same as yours. Knowing this will help further focus the search on appropriate units.

Ask a lot of questions! During the showing the rental agent will walk you through the house and answer any questions you may have. We encourage you to be active participants in this process. We have seldom heard bad questions and asking question avoids confusion down the road. So keep our rental staff on their toes and ask a lot of good questions. Some common topics that raise questions at the showing are: rent, security deposit, utilities, parking, trash removal, snow removal, lawn care and maintenance. If something doesn't get answered at the rental showing don't worry. You can call our rental office or e-mail us with any question you have. If you e-mail questions we'll get back to you as quickly as we can.


Our houses and apartments are available on a first come, first served basis. Without exception, fully completed applications are considered in the order they have been submitted to us. Applications are not taken at showings. Applications are completed and submitted at our rental office (Campus Management, Inc. 337 E. Huron St., Ann Arbor, MI). Unfortunately, in our fast paced rental market this does occasionally create footraces between groups vying to get back to our office first. Applications are considered complete when they have a number of names and signatures appropriate to the size of the rental unit for which the application is being submitted, and then only when they have been submitted with a check for the first 1/3 of the security deposit. If time passes between your showing and your decision to proceed please call the office to verify that the house or apartment is still available. It may have already been rented.

Important things to understand about applications

Before you complete an application you should understand how it commits you. Probably 99% of our applications are accepted and conclude with signed leases. If for some reason you change your mind after submitting a completed application you should know in advance that an amount equal to a half-month's rent is non-refundable. The reason for this is that, once an application is submitted for a specific property, the property is withdrawn from our literature and our website. The property is held in your name and is not shown to any other prospective residents. In the event of a cancellation we generally lose at least a week of time we could have been showing that property to other well organized groups. That loss of time has a definite cost associated with it, hence the loss of half of a month's rent. We suggest to people that they should not submit a completed application (with payment) unless they are certain that they want to live in the subject property.

Campus Management, Inc. requires the payment of a cleaning fee. Your application will include a charge for a cleaning fee. The size of this fee is based on the number of bedrooms in the subject house or apartment. Please see the table below.

Another important subject involves co-signatures. Some Campus Management, Inc. properties require a co-signature from a qualified co-signer when the applicant lacks full-time employment. The purpose of the co-signature is to guarantee payment in the event the applicant cannot or does not pay. Where groups of unrelated tenants will live together under one lease a co-signer may specify that he/she is only assuming responsibility for their party's fraction of the rent; this may be done by noting so underneath the co-signature.

An application is only complete when the completed application and deposit are delivered to Campus Management, Inc. Our rental agents will make no verbal promises to hold units or to call your group if other groups "seem interested." These promises betray our system of fairness and we simply don't make them.

All of the basic information pertaining to the lease (e.g. term, installment rent, parking and utility arrangements) is contained on the application. The application acknowledges that no other verbal promises have been made. If you've discussed details about the house or apartment that you are relying on make sure that they are captured in writing on the application.

Make sure that you clearly understand the parking situation at the property you want to rent.

Review the application and make certain that you understand which utilities are your responsibility to pay and which ones are included in the rental payment.

If you are required to pay for heat in your rental unit you will be given a copy of a"Heat Cost Disclosure" form which discloses the past year's monthly average fuel cost for heat. We will also ask you to sign a copy of this form for us to retain in your lease file. This estimate gives some evidence as to what you should expect to pay for heat. Remember the heating habits of the prior tenant are reflected in the estimate; your actual usage will probably vary from the estimate. CMI cannot be responsible for any variance from this estimate.

You should understand the lease dates and how they affect you. Our leases for the next academic year begin at noon on Friday, September 1, 2017 and run until 11:59 PM on Friday, August 17, 2018. We are able to move a limited number of units in early each year. These Early Move-Ins are available for a fee. The early move-ins are limited to several pre-determined days in late August. Prices vary depending on the size of the unit and the move-in date. Please see the table below for prices and dates.

No holdover occupancy is allowed. We are unable to grant any extensions to leases. The last day of the lease is the last day of the lease without exception. We are on a very tight timetable to turn over our units each year and need every day we've contracted for to accomplish our painting, cleaning and maintenance.

Transfer Policy

Special arrangements are provided to those transferring from one CMI managed unit to another. We allow transferring residents to lay over at their current rentals until their new unit is prepped. All 2017 transfers will be done on the afternoon of August 23, 2017. Keys to new units must be picked up at our office between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM on the 24th. Keys to old units must be returned to CMI offices by 8:30 AM on August 24, 2017. Failure to pick-up/return keys as described here-in will result in "Holdover" occupancy charges - review your lease.

Financial Details

2017-2018 Lease Year - Payment Due Dates

Payments - Calculation of Amounts and due dates:

Total Security Deposit

1.5 times the installment

Portion of Security Deposit Due at Application

1/3 of the total Security Deposit. Nonrefundable if the lease is not executed.

Balance of Security Deposit Due at Lease Signing

2/3 of the total Security Deposit

Cleaning Fee Due at Lease Signing

Dependant on the size of the unit, see table below

First month's rent due

One month after the lease signing

October 2017 Rent

Due October 1, 2017. Note that prepaying your Sept. 2017    installment means that no installment is due on move-in day.


2017-2018 Cleaning Fee Schedule

Number of Bedrooms Cleaning Fee
Efficiency $155.00
One Bedroom $175.00
Two Bedrooms $260.00
Three Bedrooms $295.00
Four Bedrooms $325.00
Five Bedrooms $370.00
Six or more Bedrooms $400.00


2017-2018 Early Move-In Fee Schedule

Number of Bedrooms Friday, 8/25/17 Tuesday, 8/29/17
Efficiency, One and Two Bedrooms $395.00 $260.00
Three or more Bedrooms $195.00/bedroom $155.00/bedroom

All transferring CMI residents will be moved-in between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM on Wednesday August 23, 2017

Lease Signing

We use EchoSign for lease execution via the internet.  You must execute your lease digitally within 72 hours of receiving the Echosign e-mail indicating that the lease is ready for signature.  Failure to sign within this time frame can result in the rental of the house or apartment to another group.  Read your contract to know when the balance of your security deposit and cleaning fee are due.  Echosign also processes Financial Co-guarantors signatures where those are required.  Once every resident and every required financial co-guarantor has digitally signed the lease EchoSign will automatically provide each party with an executed copy of the lease document.

2017 Changeover Office Hours

Note: Without exception, all student leases expire at 11:59 PM on Friday, August 18, 2017.

8/19/17 – Saturday: CMI office open for key drop and rental inquiries only from 10 AM to 2 PM.
Note: Rental Agent may be available for showings by appointment outside of these times.

8/20/17, Sunday: CMI office closed to the public
Note: Rental Agent may be available for pre-arranged showings of un-rented housing.

8/21/17 to 8/25/17 - Monday – Friday: CMI office open 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Several Notes:

  1. Phones are not answered from noon to 1 PM daily on these days.
  2. 8/23/17 is moving day for transferring residents. Transfers, pick-up keys between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM. Old keys must be returned by 8:30 AM on8/24/17 to avoid holdover fees. 
  3. People holding properly executed Early Move-In Contracts for 8/25/17 may pick-up keys beginning at 4 pm on the 25th

8/26/17 - Saturday: CMI office is open 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM for new rental inquiries only
Please Note:

  1. Rental Agent may be available for scheduled showings outside of these times. Please call us to schedule a showing – our schedule is flexible.

8/27/17 - Sunday: CMI office is closed to the public
Note: Rental Agent will be available to show apartments. Rental Agent may be available for pre-arranged showings of un-rented housing.

8/28/16 to 8/31/17 - Monday – Thursday: CMI offices open 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Several Notes:

  1. Phones are not answered from noon to 1 PM daily on these days.
  2. People holding properly executed Early Move-In Contracts for 8/29/17 may pick-up keys beginning at 4 pm on the 29th.

9/1/16 - Friday 2017 Student Move-In Day: CMI offices open 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  We will begin moving people in at 10:00 AM. 

Several very important notes:

  1. Expect 5 to 15 minute wait to meet with CMI agent and begin Move-in procedure.
  3. First Month’s Rent must be paid in full or keys will not be released.
  4. Refreshments will be available (it's a busy day - the busiest in fact - thanks for being patient!)

9/2/17 , 9/3/17 and 9/4/17, Saturday – Monday (Labor Day): CMI office will be closed
Several Notes:

  1. Depending on status of our rentals our Rental Agent may be available by phone. Please call 663-4101 to leave a voice message. If available, the Rental Agent will return your call.
  2. Our Emergency Maintenance Notification System is always available. This service is available to those with legitimate and urgent health and safety emergencies. For example, Regular maintenance issues, furniture adjustments, parking issues or internet problems will not be addressed outside of our normal office hours. Call us at (734) 662-7787 and follow the prompts to leave a message in our emergency mailbox.


Your Lease will begin at noon on September 1, 2017 unless you have purchased and signed a Early Move-In agreement from Campus Management, Inc. Move-in Day is our busiest day of the year. You may have to wait to meet with one of our move-in representatives. The typical wait is less than 10 minutes. You must come to our office to pick-up keys. At move-in we will meet for about 10 to 15 minutes to review the move-in process with you. In addition to keys, you will be given a move-in packet with important information concerning your new home. We will review parking (if provided), utilities, maintenance and other related topics. Do not expect to dash-in, grab keys and dash out; the move-in process helps insure that we start out correctly. Instead, plan a list of any move-in questions you wish to ask us. We look forward to a smooth move-in and to serving your needs beyond move-in day.


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